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Take a look through our reviews we have received from clients we have helped exit timeshare with no risk and no hassle. For more information call us free on 0800 060 8729.

Steven & Alison, Lancashire
Diamond Resorts Points
“We didn’t want to keep our timeshare due to old age, we decided to use The Timeshare Advice Line because they don’t ask for money upfront and they gave us the cheapest quote for the timeshare cancellation, cost less than our annual management fees to cancel our timeshare, excellent service would recommend them.”
Emily & Peter, Tyneside
Marriott´s Vacation Village
“After many years of being let down and losing money trying to get out of our ownership we are happy to say we are now free from our timeshare at Marriott’s. The whole process was a pleasure and we can’t thank you enough. If only we had found you earlier. Warm regards Emily and Peter.”
Phillip & Valerie, East Sussex
Azure Island Residence Club
“We chose The Timeshare Advice Line because of no upfront charges, no meeting to attend, and we were given the total price to dispose of Timeshare in advance, we no longer used our Timeshare due to change of work commitments and the time of year we originally found OK, also costs had increased with time.”
John, Berkshire
Orange Lake, Florida
“Fees not made payable until disposal is complete, only took two months to dispose of timeshare, didn’t want to leave to family, staff were very efficient and very much on the ball, certainly would recommend them highly to any timeshare owner.”
Michelle, Gloucester
Oasis Lakes, Florida
“Great service! Thank you for helping us get out of our timeshare at Oasis Lakes. We would highly recommend The Timeshare Advice Line as they did what they promised, they did not want upfront fees like most companies and they gave us a realistic price which was a fraction of what we were quoted in the past. Thanks for everything you have done.”
Claire, South Yorkshire
Marina Palace
“We never used it, no availability, rising maintenance fees, We chose the Timeshare Advice Line as they don´t charge upfront fees, Rachel was very helpful right from the start, Only took one month to cancel our timeshare, Would definitely recommend.”
Janine & Frank, Manchester
Diamond Resorts Points
For us it was a no brainer using Timeshare Advice Line as there was nothing to pay until we had a letter from our resort confirming we were out of our timeshare in Spain. Amazed at the £1200 price compared to another company that wanted to charge us £4950 upfront. Great company would highly recommend. Thanks again Rachel stay safe.”
Moira, Oxford
Canal Time
The Timeshare Advice Line did not cold call – I approached them they are registered with Companies House with up to date accounts, took 8 weeks to dispose of my ownership, The service was professional, quick and efficient, certainly would be happy to recommend them to others.”
John & Belinda, Northampton
Diamond Resorts Points
They were helpful, polite and most efficient. We were told the cost of disposal first so we knew where we stood and had nothing to pay until it was completed. They rang regularly to update us on the progress, Thank you for your very efficient disposal of our points. Also for relieving us of the worry of future years payments for our children.”
Belinda, London
Westgate Lakes
We chose the Timeshare Advice Line to help us exit our contract at Westgate Lakes in Orlando simply because there was no risk involved as we only had to make payment when we had confirmation we were out of our contract. Thankfully we found them online.”
Pauline, London
Infinti Points
It was getting too expensive to stay members of the Infiniti Club. Every year the costs were rising, so we got in contact with The Timeshare Advice Line. They were really friendly and helpful. It took a while to get out of our contract (various months to be exact), but they were there with us all the way. The best part was that there were no upfront costs.
Joseph, Wiltshire
Westgate Towers
A light at the end of the tunnel. We feel really lucky to have found The Timeshare Advice Line as they saved us from paying £9000 to exit our contract with a company that wanted us to pay upfront! Rachel you were a godsend, at last we can put this Westgate disaster to rest once and for all. Can’t thank you enough take care and stay safe.”
Rob, Lincoln
Diamond Resorts
Following some expensive mistakes of the past, we were sceptical, however with no payment until completion, decided to give Rachel & her team a try…..the process took slightly longer than expected due to Diamond resorts slow pace, but success followed and we are finally free of our long term financial burden. I recommend The Timeshare Advice Line as they delivered exactly what we wanted at a more than reasonable cost.”
Robert, Warwickshire
Hollywood Mirage
I dealt with Rachel from this company. After speaking to companies who wanted vast sums of money in advance to release us from our Timeshare we contacted The Timeshare advice line. They were absolutely superb, did what they said on the tin and you paid on completion. I cannot rate this company highly enough and Rachel kept us informed and was brilliant. Do not use anyone else other than this company or you will regret it!!.”
Mike, Leicester
Marriott’s Vacation Club
We wanted to relinquish our Marriott Timeshare at Son Antem because of the ongoing liability of the annual maintenance costs which we believed did not represent value for money. Your no-nonsense approach to dealing with the disposal was refreshing when compared to the high-pressure techniques of other operators. The whole process was a pleasure.”
Pravin, London
Westgate Towers, Florida
We wanted to cancel our contract at Westgate Towers as we found it to expensive to travel and increasing maintenance costs were to high for us, Timeshare Advice Line were helpful in giving good advice and everything went smoothly, Charge was low and advice was good.”
Phillip & Maureen
Diamond Resorts Points
We no longer used timeshare due to change of work commitments and the time of year we originally found OK , Chosen because no upfront charges, no meeting to attend and given total price to dispose of timeshare, Excellent service, fast and efficient cancellation process with staff that kept us informed at all times. We are very grateful and thankfully we can now move on.”
Sonia, South London
Hollywood Mirage
I was not using the timeshare and was paying maintenance fees every year which were going up and up, Felt it was a waste of money, Timeshare Advice Line makes you feel very at ease, they are efficient, keep you updated all the time with the process also they work very fast to achieve their goals they do not let you down
Mr & Mrs Davies
Marriott´s Vacation Club
We no longer required our timeshare and found the Timeshare Advice Line off the back of a recommendation, You dealt with the disposal very efficiently.”
Andrew & Janet Plymouth
Westgate Lakes, Florida
Wanted to cancel timeshare due to change in circumstances, Only took 4 weeks to cancel our timeshare, Placed an enquiry as the website appeared to be the only stating advice and the follow up was positive with regard to fees.”
David, South Devon
Saw an advert online and read the previous reviews, We wanted to get rid of the timeshare as we are getting old, Only took about 3 weeks to cancel the timeshare, Would recommend their service to anyone.”
Robert & Marcella
Elite Fuerteventura Club
If you need they can and will do it for you, Peace Of Mind, Chosen because of no upfront fees, Prefer other destinations without being tied to maintenance fees, 5 Star.”
Lyndon & Joan, Surrey
Torrent Bay Ibiza
Only took 2 weeks to dispose of timeshare, Chosen because of good advice over the telephone and prompt, Also superb follow up service and cost was cheaper than competitors, First class service.”
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