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Get The Facts On American Timeshare Cancellation

Learn how we help UK based timeshare owners exit their unwanted timeshare products in the USA with our no money upfront service.
Written by
Bethan Pryce
Published on
03 November 2022


If you own an American based timeshare product it's likely that what was once a cheap way to get holidays in the USA has become a liability with owners paying for holidays that they are simply unable to use.  This situation is made worse for clients who are still paying the mortgages on their properties and for many owners now is the time to take action.

We have seen an increase in enquiries recently from owners of American timeshare resorts who are dreading the arrival of their maintenance bill. This year we have seen the pound weaken against the dollar making the cost of an American timeshare ownership much more expensive than in previous years.  Owners are now looking to get out of their timeshare contracts before the 2023 fees need to be paid.

Watch our short video which explains how the Timeshare Advice Line can help you to exit your timeshare or submit a claim against your resort.  Just click the play button above to get started.

The Timeshare Advice Line was formed in 2015 to offer timeshare owners a way to exit their unwanted timeshare contracts without having to take the risk of paying upfront fees. We have dealt with the successful disposal of many American timeshare ownership's during this period Clients Mr and Mrs B from Middlesex left us the following review following the successful termination of their contract at Liki Tiki Village.

"Very pleased with the service provided.  When we hit the odd bump in the road in our effort to contact our timeshare provider, or even understand the language being used in the legal paperwork support was always on hand to guide us in the right direction."

We can deal with the disposal of American timeshare weeks or points and can even help with the cancellation of American timeshare mortgages for those who are still paying for the timeshare itself.


If you are concerned about the rising costs of your American timeshare property, please contact us today and we will be able to let you know what options you have to get out of your timeshare contract and exactly what costs would be involved, we can also let you know if you have a potential claim against your resort.

To find out more about our American timeshare or mortgage disposal service you can contact us by live chat, filling in an enquiry form on our website or calling us free today on 0800 060 8729.

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