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We will be publishing free guides and articles that should be of interest to timeshare owners who want a simple way to exit timeshare.
Written by
Bethan Pryce
Published on
03 Novenber 2022

Stay in the know

We have created our blog to give timeshare owners all the latest news as it happens and to provide a platform to give timeshare owners the opportunity to share their stories and to interact with other timeshare owners.  We will share success stories and results from the courts and share reviews from clients we have helped.

We are also interested in sharing timeshare owners opinions. If you have a story you would like to tell regarding your experiences with timeshare, please let us know. We want to know what you have liked or disliked about your timeshare purchase and any tips, advice or warnings you may have for other owners in similar positions.

Watch our short video which explains how the Timeshare Advice Line can help you to exit your timeshare or submit a claim against your resort.  Just click the play button above to get started.

The Timeshare Advice Line was formed in 2015 to offer timeshare owners free impartial advice and provide a simple way for  unhappy owners to legally get out of their timeshare contracts without taking the risk of paying upfront fees or charges.  We deal primarily with timeshare contracts based in the UK, Europe, America but can look into the cancellation of a timeshare located at any resort worldwide. Director Beth Pryce stated the following...

"I am extremely proud of the no money upfront timeshare cancellation service we offer, we want to use our blog to explain to timeshare owners how we can help and get people up to date on the latest industry news they need."

We plan to use our blog section of the website to look into issues that matter to timeshare owners (such as our no upfront fee policy).  So expect to find relevant weekly articles that contain information on the most up to date timeshare issues.  We are happy to look into any topic suggested to us by our readers.

If there is any aspect of timeshare that you would like to know more about or if you have questions about any timeshare related matter, please let us know.  You can reach our blog team by placing an enquiry or starting a live chat on our website or by calling us free on 0800 060 8729.

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