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Club La Costa have entered into an ‘operational partnership’ with American timeshare giant Wyndham Resorts, what does this mean?
Written by
Bethan Pryce
Published on
04 November 2022


As most Club La Costa owners will be aware, back in October 2021 a press release was issued announcing that CLC had entered into an ‘operational partnership’ with American timeshare giant Wyndham Resorts. Wyndham own or control over 9,000 resorts worldwide plus the exchange network RCI.

Visitors to the Tenerife and the Costa Del Sol this summer will have noticed the changing branding and all Club La Costa (CLC)signage has been replaced by the Wyndham branding.

Watch our short video which explains how The Timeshare Advice Line can help you to exit your timeshare or submit a claim against your resort.  Just click the play button above to get started.

There are a number of issues that Club la Costa have faced over recent years that have led to this point which are outlined below.

 · A large number of judgement s have been made against them in the Spanish courts as many of the contracts they have issued do not meet the requirements for a timeshare contract under Spanish law. These claimants have applied to the courts to have their timeshare contracts declared ‘null and void’ and have the money they have paid returned to them including ‘double damages’ for any payments they made during the cooling off period.

· More owners than ever have been taking advantage of CLC’s‘ free hand back’ offer.  In which they allow any owner who is up to date on their maintenance fees to simply give back their timeshare ownership. In doing so, they are forced to sign a disclaimer which will rule out any potential claim in the future and does not stop finance payments for those still paying for their timeshare purchase through external finance providers.

· A recent landmark ruling by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has ruled against Barclays Partner Finance over the financing of a Club la Costa Fractional points purchase.  This ruling has set the benchmark for similar claims, and we should start to see more and more owners having their finance payments stopped and the money they have paid returned to them.  There are 100’s of these claims already registered with the FOS and the combined amount of these claims will run into the millions! 


To find out more about these rulings please call us free on 0800 0608729.If you are concerned about what the future holds for your CLC World timeshare, please contact us today.  One of our friendly advisers will be able to let you know all the options that are available to you and answer any questions you may have.

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